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Welcome to Maly Sharq Family,where we can help you to explore new opportunities to expaned,organize and manage your business with our solutions

Welcome to Maly Sharq

Customer Satisfaction

Garante that our services will met you scope of work and integrate your perspective in business

Service Quality

We insure in Maly Sharq that our services meet the international standard and the best solution


In Maly we deliver more than the expacted because we provide solution for our customers

What we offer

e-commerce platform

we offer development of e-commerce platforms like Magento,woocommerce,shopfiy

Identity manage

Provide the identity of the business following the whole proccess

logistic solution

Provide the solution needed for the business after a breif study

Marketing Plan

Create markting plans , forcasting methodology and future plans

App Development

Develop apps for both Android and IOS platforms for opertions and for store managment

Pos systems

develop POS Systems that can work indepentliy and can be integrated with e-commarce engines

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